8 useful websites for stock images

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If you own a website or write a blog then no doubt you’ll need a constant supply of good quality stock images to use. The problem is finding relevant photography that doesn’t cost a small fortune or appear unbearably cheesy.

From a user’s point of view, there’s also nothing more distracting than reading an article and being distracted by bad stock imagery.

We’ve found 8 useful websites with free photos so you can improve your user experience and the quality of your stock images all in one easy hit!


Unsplash features unique high resolution photography that is a world away from cheesy stock images. The website is updated with new photographs every 10 days and you can automatically sync them to your Dropbox with Splashbox.

8 useful resources for stock images - Unsplash


Picjumbo has a vast catalogue of stock images split into useful categories. They have a particularly good technology category with users interacting with Macbooks, iPhones and other devices ready for you to add your own site on to the display.

8 useful resources for stock images - picjumbo

Designers pics

Designers pics is regularly updated with useful stock images that are split into categories. They have some particularly useful concept images and vivid backgrounds.

8 useful resources for stock images - Designers pics

Startup stock photos

Startup stock photos has great photography of users in a start-up environment or using devices with blank screens. The website isn’t updated as regularly as some of the others but the content already archived is incredibly useful and can be easily amended to add your own branding.

8 useful resources for stock images - Startup stock photos

Death to the stock photo

Death to the stock photo requires you to sign-up for free but after that you get a package of stock images sent to your email every month. You will no doubt find these photos incredibly useful and versatile.

8 useful resources for stock images - Death to the stock photo


Gratisography has more quirky stock images than the other websites featured here. The website is updated every week with new content so you’ll be sure to find something to illustrate even the most obscure blog posts.

8 useful resources for stock images - Gratisography

Little visuals

Little visuals is a collection of high resolution stock images to use however you please. The images tend to be quite abstract so you’ll find something for a wide variety of concepts.

8 useful resources for stock images - Little visuals

Kaboom pics

Kaboom pics offers hundreds of high-quality stock images all found under 6 different categories or from a variety of tags. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and receive exclusive photography straight to your inbox.

8 useful resources for stock images - Kaboom pics

In conclusion…

Bad stock images can harm your user experience by causing distractions and changing the tone of the website or blog they’re featured on. Yet sourcing strong visuals needn’t be time-consuming or expensive. All of the websites featured here offer free photography for commercial use and thankfully none of them feature cheesy set-ups or awkward poses.

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