Facebook’s algorithm update and how it will affect brands

Marketing, User experience

On April 21st Google launched Mobilegeddon to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. The same day, Facebook also announced an algorithm update in a blog post.

The update is designed to “optimize how content is discovered and consumed” in response to feedback Facebook has gathered about their users’ feeds.

Now, brand pages will no longer be favoured and instead users will see a lot more content from their friends. This move means that brands will start to see their organic reach decline as Facebook’s algorithm update prompts them to turn to paid social reach.

In response to this, and in a similar manner to Google, brands will be encouraged to start focusing much more on their overall user experience and creating content that users will actually want to see.

Facebook’s algorithm update will also affect how the content on a user’s feed is distributed. Before, users were unable to see multiple consecutive posts from the same source, but now Facebook is relaxing this rule. This ensures that quality content that is being enjoyed will be seen by users.

Overall, Facebook’s algorithm update will push brands to develop a stronger digital strategy, in a similar manner to Google’s Mobilegeddon. It is now more essential than ever for marketers to ensure a brand’s content is as relevant and engaging as possible to capture their user’s attention.

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