Sparkle Cupcakery


Sparkle Cupcakery approached us because they wanted to improve their online sales. We analysed their website and analytics to produce a UX audit in order to provide insights into their user’s behaviour and understand why their users were struggling with the checkout. We then suggested improvements that could be made to the website to give user’s a better online experience and generate more sales.


Analytics analysis

We looked at Sparkle Cupcakery’s website analytics to determine exactly how their users currently interacted with their website.

We identified behaviours such as how many users were returning to the site vs how many users were first time visits, which device and browser they were using, and how long they were staying on each page.

Then we looked into which pages were most popular, which pages most users started their buying journey at, and which pages weren’t popular that should be.

Next, we analysed the home page, product pages, and the key pages in the checkout process. We looked into what changes could be made on these pages based on where users tend to visit next. We also identified key pages with high exit rates and suggested improvements to keep users on the site and direct them to the checkout.

Sparkle Cupcakery analytics
Sparkle Cupcakery ux

Website UX analysis

We conducted a thorough UX audit across Sparkle’s entire website, looking at what barriers to purchase a user comes across, what’s missing, and ways to improve the user experience.

One of the main things we found with the home page was a lack of call to actions, no core messaging, misaligned imagery and no clear direction for user’s to take.

We found that the product pages could greatly benefit from more detailed imagery, customer reviews and social media integration, and a clearer selection process.

We also discovered that the complex checkout was confusing users, with many dropping out of the journey at various points and instead preferring to call the store and order over the phone. We found ways to remove unnecessary steps, shorten forms to only include key fields, and provide users with answers to their questions so they wouldn’t have to call the store.

Website wireframes

Having analysed users’ exact behaviours and identifying the elements which were preventing users from completing their purchase, we knew exactly what Sparkle’s users needed and what would generate more sales.

We redesigned the product and checkout pages, providing Sparkle Cupcakery with wireframes illustrating the improvements. The redesigned pages created a more streamlined process and would give users a useful, joyful, and intuitive user experience.

We wanted users to feel confident when buying their cupcakes and we wanted Sparkle Cupcakery to offer an outstanding user experience that none of their competitors were providing.

Sparkle Cupcakery wireframes