We explored concept website designs for a new independent restaurant that was opening. The website had to communicate Unico’s unique selling points, core premise and beliefs, to ensure that the business stood out over its competitors.

It was essential that the online user experience was an expansion of the experience customers would be introduced to when dining, whilst also creating a deeper digital engagement.

Unico web design

Website Design

Users are introduced to the restaurant's look and feel through bold, beautiful photography which allows their food and venue to speak for themselves. The imagery is complimented with an overall clean website design with a minimal colour palette.

The elegant website design combined with an insight into Unico's story helps to portray them as an independent business and certainly steps them apart from impersonal restaurant chains.

Unico web design Unico web design

User Experience

It was important that users didn't have to think to make a reservation, so we spent a lot of time ensuring that the user journey and subsequent user experience surrounding online reservations was as streamlined and intuitive as possible.

The reservation form is presented immediately underneath the hero section on the home page, eliminating the need for users to explore the site in order to find it. The form is designed to be clear with an easy to use interface. Logical defaults will always be displayed as standard so the form will return the date, time frame and number of diners that are most likely, based on the time and day that a user lands on the page. This is to ensure that users have to make as minimal input as possible and thus are more likely to make a reservation online.

Unico user experience web design


We explored Unico's competitors as well as the overall market to get an understanding of the typical user journeys and user experiences that were already online. User testing was then carried out to determine which elements worked well, and which just created frustration, confusion and ultimately hindered the end goal.

Wireframes were used to determine the content hierarchy and how the website would change when viewed on different devices. Careful consideration was given to how the user experience would flow across different screen sizes.

We created an interactive prototype in order to conduct further user testing on our website designs. This enabled us to make tweaks and edits based on how users were interacting with the site before we came to our final solution.

Our detailed process and thorough user research helped us to design a website that would be truly enjoyable, useful and engaging to visit.

Unico web design process


The feedback that we have gathered from user testing and focus groups has been overwhelmingly positive. We've found that the concept designs successfully connect Unico with its target market, whilst being easy and intuitive for users to make an online reservation, view the menus or learn more about the company's story.