Xeraco Playa


Our client wanted a website creating to advertise their flat rental in Xeraco Playa, Spain. It was essential that the website would allow the flat to stand out against the competition to entice renters, whilst also offering a flawless online user experience.

The site had to be responsive and designed mobile-first to ensure optimum engagement from users on the move. It was also vital that users could quickly and easily get a quote for specific dates.

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Xearco Playa flat web design

Website Design

Our solution was to design the website as a responsive and fluid single page. Users are introduced to the Xeraco Playa flat and its surrounding areas with bright, enticing images that span the height of any screen and browser.

We included Google Maps to both highlight the beachfront location and to show users an unbiased portrayal of the flat's exterior and beach.

Xearco Playa flat web design

User Experience

The main aim of the site was to encourage users to obtain a quote. Our research allowed us to perfect our quote section to make it as simple and easy to use as possible regardless of screen size or device used to access the site.

Easy and smooth navigation was also an essential aspect for a great overall user experience, particularly as the site was a single page. We designed a fixed menu that was always present at the top of the page on any device. As users scrolled to new sections down the page, the corresponding menu item would be highlighted to show context. Upon click, users were taken to the relevant section with a smooth scroll animation rather than an instant jump, which created an elegant and delightful experience.

We opted to include lightbox slideshows for the three galleries displayed on the page. This decision kept the focus on the main page, whilst also offering users a familiar interface.

Xearco Playa flat user experience design


We researched the market to identify how both independent landlords and large Spanish property letting agents were advertising similar flats in the area online. Particular attention was paid to the visuals, copy and how easy it was for users to get a quote.

Wireframes were presented to the client to agree on the content hierarchy and intended user journeys. The client was then introduced to several mood boards portraying different colour schemes, themes, and visuals so the website's overall look and feel could be decided upon.

An interactive prototype was built which gave the client a clear direction that the website would take, the functionality that would be included, and how the content would respond to different screen sizes.

Once the content was added and the development finished, we put the website through vigorous testing to ensure that users across the major browsers and on varying devices would have the most optimised user experience possible.

Xeraco playa flat web design process


The website has been very successful in advertising the client's flat rental in Xeraco Playa, Spain. Since the website launched, there has been an inflood of quote requests, and subsequent bookings. Our SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy has started to build the site a strong presence on Google's search results, beating their competitors and often appearing before popular Spanish property letting agents.

At Hummingbird, we never leave a website once it's launched, and instead we continue to constantly analyse how users are interacting with it and make changes to improve the user experience and conversion rates. We're very excited to continue our partnership with our client to build upon and adapt the Xeraco Playa digital experience.